I’ve never been good at getting over jet lag, I just sleep when I’m tired.  Which is counter productive to my deadline of 10am tomorrow.  I’m hitting the hay soon and will get up at 2am to finish the chapters due tomorrow.  I did a short yoga DVD (20-minutes) because that’s all I could muster.  Why is it so hard to get back into the swing of things?

Rosa: I saw your question while I was gone.  Here’s a link to the clafouti recipe: http://thekimarchives.com/2008/10/08/destitution_diet_week_4_hostin/

M.: I didn’t go with a young professionals group, so you may be blessed with a slightly less amorous group than I.  I also think it really depends on the organization.  If you’re on facebook I would check out past groups boards to see the vibe of their trip.

It’s past midnight Israel time, which is what I’m currently existing on.  I had an early dinner and will commence napping shortly.   Here’s my lunch and dinner recap:



Whole wheat flat bread w/hummus
Calamata Olives



Vegetable soup (I made a huge pot, will be eating this soup all week)