Ahhh, I’m leaving tomorrow.  I have a lot to do, I just don’t think that I’m actually going to get it all done in time.  There’s no way I can research and write 7 new pages of text for my book and send it to my teacher before I leave, pack, meet my aunt for lunch-which is on the docket for today, and do the exercise video I wanted to review.  Methinks I’m going to fall behind in my writing and have to write about 20 pages of new text in the 30 hours between when I land and when I have to hand my assignments in.  It’s a hard thing to accept, but apparently I can’t do it all.

Suz: No one’s ever written a song about liking little butts.  Sir Mix-a-lot is a truly wise man and I like to channel his wisdom when ever I lament the size of behind or the fact that it’s slowly taking the shape of my couch.

Lara: I saw that you’d signed up for a 10k on your blog!  I’m so impressed.  The great thing is that you have a deadline and deadline’s are awesome motivators.  When I was training for the climb I started training super early-I think I gave myself 5 months to get my bum up 55 flights of stairs and honestly it was more time than I really needed.  I think the most important thing in training is consistancy and cross-training.  Keep me up to date on your training.  We can brave the scary world of running on the actual ground together.

I was totally wiped when I got back from class and took a pass on posting dinner so I’m playing a bit of catch-up here.

Dinner 2.17


Cajun Chicken with roasted onions
Brown rice

Breakfast 2.18


Whole grain english muffin with peanut butter and 1/2 banana
Chocolate Milk

I’m off to continue freaking out about everything I need to accomplish in the next 18 hours.