I have to say that I’ve felt for a while like there’s been something missing from my workouts.  I really couldn’t put my finger on it for the longest time, but as I was thinking about where I was this time last year I realized the problem:  I don’t have any fitness goals.  In fact, I haven’t had any goals since I completed my stair climb last April.

Conquering a race up a skyscraper was truly motivating.  I knew that if I didn’t get my butt in gear (very literally) and continuously up my training I’d be left in the dust come race day, and I have never trained harder and more consistantly as I did when I was training for that event.  Since the climb ended, I’ve continued working out but my workouts have remained somewhat stagnant.  I do what’s comfortable, what I like doing but I don’t necessarily feel like I need to push myself particularly hard.

Considering that it’s not exactly the ideal time to be asking my dearest and dearest for wads of cash; a charity based sporting event seems out of the question right around now.  The Self Challenge starts this week, it’s the namesake of this lil ole blog here, but I’m not trying to lose weight and honestly I hated the strength training routines involved, so I think I’ll take a pass this year.  Instead of aspiring for an event, this time around I’m going to re-evaluate what aspirations I have for my body, then setting my own goals and training program to achieve them.

So what are my goals:

  • Flexibility.  I’m a big ole wuss when it comes to stretching and honestly my lack of flexibility makes me more than a little bit self conscious.
  • Run outside.  I run all the time, just not in the great outdoors.  Pavement is hard and there’s no TV attached, but eventually I’d like to run a race of some sort and that would require stepping outside the gym.
  • Core Strength.  I absolutely hate doing ab work in public and once I leave the gym I’m pretty much useless.  I need to re-evaluate my desire for a stronger body, with my level of embarrassment about my current lack of it.

I could nit pick my life and my body to death, but that’s pretty counter intuitive to my way of thinking about health and fitness.  So, I’ll stop and focus on these three areas I’d like to focus on. I’m creating my own challenge, The Kim Challenge, if you will, and for the next three-months I’ll pay particular attention to my outdoor running ability and the time I dedicate to core and flexibility training.  Tomorrow I’ll roll out my plan for month-1 and I’ll track my progress on here.

What are your current fitness goals and how do you measure your success in meeting them?