I have a favorite postal worker.  He seems young and therefore not embittered toward civil service yet and he’s always really nice and patient and helps me find the cheapest postage and we make chit chat.  There ya go, I admit it I pick favorites and I have a favorte mail clerk.  I was online at the post office for about an hour today and it seems that people get extremely angry when they have to wait in line.  I consider line-waiting an inevitable part of life and therefore resolve to always carry a book with me for just such occassions.  There’s really no reason to be abusive to civil servants-they’re just doing their jobs.  Anyway, it was a pleasant experience, I’m always so shocked when random people that don’t have to go out of their way to be nice to me do and for that I say “thank you” mail guy.

Shipping large quantities of books and DVDs, check. Quasi exhausting run, check.  Discovering a new coffee shop in my hood and drinking coffee and writing with my favorite neighborhood blogging buddy, yup.  So far today has shaped up to be quite lovely.  It’s sunny out, I think sunshine makes me more appreciative of the little things.

SawSaw: That sounds amazing!  I can’t wait to eat halva and hummus.  I’m also on a mission to eat as much falafel as humanly possible.  Mmmm.



Ratatouille over brown rice
Simple salad with olive oil and red wine vinegar