I’ve been feeling somewhat out of it in my eating over the last few weeks.  First the vegan detox, then my Chicago trip, then visiting my family over the last few weekends.  I just felt like I wasn’t eating like me.  I also wasn’t working out nearly enough.  Sometimes when I take a week off or so, going back to my normal and somewhat serious exercise schedule can seem a bit intimidating.  I have a lazy streak, I try to fight it but sometimes it wins out and eating graham crackers and watching Martha Stewart beats out  a run and a well balanced meal.

I went for a run yesterday when I got back to Brooklyn and I felt so, so amazing afterward it made me wonder why I’d been avoiding strenuous workouts.  Today I hit up a spin class, and again there are those endorphins!  I enjoy exercise, I just forget that sometimes.  Those two workouts coupled with the fact that I’m now the proud owner of produce again made me feel like a brand new me.   Or the old me, which I actually find pretty comforting.  Of course I’m leaving in a few days for a trip where most of my meals will be provided, but there’s a fair amount of physical activity scheduled which makes me feel slightly less apprehensive.

Hey look a dinner with vegetables:



Red pepper, onion and chicken sausage over whole wheat spaghetti
1/4 cup Trader Joe’s Marinara and freshly grated parmigian