Today I’m grateful that I’m not working so I can just pick up and runaway for a 10-day trip.

I hope you all had a super-fantastic Valentine’s Day. I don’t really buy into the Hallmarkyness of it, but it’s still fun to be dating someone on Valentines day.  Even from afar.

I’ve got three days to get my life in order before I head to Israel.  I’ll be renting a cellphone so I can call my mother and tell her on a regular basis that I’m alive and love her and am not moving to Israel.   Otherwise I’ll be incommunicado.  Sounds kind of refreshing, but also more than a little painful for a crackberry addict such as myself.  It looks like I’ll have very little downtime to wonder around and explore on my own; we’ve got a pretty tight schedule to keep. For a sneak preview of what I’ll be up to you can check out the itinerary:  I look at it about a million times a day because I’m really excited.

So,  in the mean time there’s lots of writing to get done, in fact I’m going to head to a cafe soon, turn off my phone and try to get as much pumped out before my 7:30pm spin class that my little fingers can type out.  I’m going to try and get out two weeks worth of assignments for my writing class-which could prove stressful.  I have some life errands to get out of the way today.  There will also be a few more gym sessions on my radar this week  since I’ll be wearing a bathing suit much sooner than I’d imagined.  I’m really excited, and more than a little stressed to get my life in order pre-trip.  Busy week!

Here’s Breakfast:




Fiber One Harvest Cluster Cereal w/ 1% Milk
Coffee w/stevia and 1% milk