Well folks it was a carborific day.  I didn’t actually intend to be quite as carby, but a little extra seretonin never hurt anyone.  The day started off right with oatmeal and a dental cleaning.  Then a long day of shopping with the folks which made me ravenous and I ended up sharing a pretzel with my mom.  Is there anything in the world as awesome as a pretzel?  No.  I think not.  My parents are what we would call “wicked laid back” so somewhere around 5pm we got around to eating lunch.  LUNCH! Later that night I met up with some friends for pancakes.

When I was a teenager I considered pancakes my lucky food.  True story.  Before every audition I would eat pancakes.  And I could use a little bit of luck in the next couple of days because it looks like I may be going to Israel on Thursday.  It all sort of just happened.

If you’re one of the chosen people, or even if you’re not, you may have heard of a little thing called Birthright, which are basically free trips to Israel for any Jewish person under the age of 27.  The grand scheme is to make you fall in love with Israel so you’ll move there and make babies, but most people just use it for a free vacation.  There were some cancellations this week and they emailed me to see if I wanted to hop on the gravy train and get my Hebrew on.  I said yes, paid my deposit and Monday I’ll fax them my passport.  Hopefully they’ll be able to get me on the flight that leaves on the 19th, which will mean a hiatus in blogging and missing my writing class but it’s a free 10 day trip to Israel!!!  I promise to take lots of pictures of what I eat.  I was planning on going this summer, but since I’m not working now and my only responsibility is pretty much breathing and showering it’s probably a good time to go.   Yay life and all your little surprises. Of course it’s not confirmed yet, so we shall see.

Of course my mother is a bit nervous because she thinks that Israel is a place where buses just spontaneously combust.  My father, who spent much of his 20s roaming around Europe just existing (and being in the army) thinks this is a fabulous adventure.  Of course he said that if I happened to be on a bus that blew up he would spend every one of his last days finding those (insert bad language here) and killing them.  In dad language that’s “I love you.”

Oooh, look pretzels…



Pretzel (I ate half)



Roasted Chicken and Zucchini
Lettuce & Tomato



Buttermilk pancakes w/butter and syrup

Hmm, methinks my resolution to be a pillar of health is not quite working out.