I got the “All Aboard” this morning, so I’m definitely going to Israel this week!  Yay, I’m so excited. I have to pack!

Danielle: Thanks for the offer-I may just well take you up on it!

Kat: Birthright was invested with Maddoff, but there are other donors who are keeping the organization afloat for now.  From what I’ve heard through the grapevine  they are worried about the future of the program, which made me even more eager to get on the soonest trip possible.

I’m still visiting the fam which means my meals are a bit less structured, a bit more willy-nilly, and breakfast happened somewhere around noon.  Will I get exercise today.  I want to say yes, I really do, but the truth is, I dunno, maybe, we’ll see.  I brought DVDs with me, but time just sort of flies when I’m running around doing family stuff.



Egg Sandwich with American Cheese, Turkey Bacon and an Egg