Today was freakishly warm for February.  I took a nice long walk sans jacket and even felt warm.  The high here ended up being 63 degrees.  I’m not complaining, it’s just strange.  I lovely, mood-lifting strange.  Just being outside in the warm weather made me smile and crave frozen yogurt.  It led me to fantasize about my typical summer time menu which generally revolves around salad, yogurt, fruit, and ice cream.  Not a bad way to live really.

On my way to the train station I grabbed lunch.  Stupidly overpriced organic frozen yogurt but it felt amazing on my sore throat and was exactly what I needed to boost my spirits.  I’m now on Long Island where I will spend the next few days hiding from cupcakes.

You know those industrial cupcakes that Entemans doles out for every major holiday?  My dad loves frosting.  My mom used to say that when he was in his twenties and wanted to lose a few pounds he would just tell himself he was on a diet, then continue to eat his normal bachelor diet of hot dogs and frosting and lose five lbs.  My dad was naturally svelte for most of his life, but as he’s gotten older he’s aquired a standard beer belly, that comes more from a love of chocolate than a love of beer.  That love of frosting and chocolate have somehow convinced him that stockpiling Enteman’s cupcakes is a super idea.  They’re gross, at least in my opinion, yet strangely tempting.  It’s going to be a long weekend.

I haven’t had dinner yet but here’s a picture of my summer-esque lunch:



Creamsicle flavored frozen yogurt with strawberries on top