Today I am grateful that for a well stocked fridge!  Visiting my family is great-they have food and everything.

I’m on a mission to maintain some semblance of a healthy lifestyle while I’m home.  I’m leaving for a dentist appointment in a few minutes and when I get back I’ll pop in one of the many Exercise DVDs I’ve stocked myself with for this weekend.

I broke my resolution not to buy any books until I read all the ones on my shelf last night.  I actually needed to buy some books for reference in writing.  So, I’m considering those a professional expense and not the demise of my resolution.  I figure allowances have to be made for book writing.

Perhaps I went a bit overboard with the fruit, my mother commented that I was eating a “huge breakfast.”  I didn’t think it was all that huge, just a meal that included more than one bowl.



Oatmeal with a tsp. of brown sugar and a banana
coffee w/half  & half

Off to get my teeth cleaned…