Today I am grateful for unseasonably warm weather.  It’s going to be 60 degrees today.  I know global warming is wrong and everything but sometimes it feels oh so right.

I just want to put a disclaimer up before I show you last night’s dinner and today’s breakfast: I really have no food.  I’m really just cleaning out the back of my pantry and freezer.  I don’t normally eat this way, nor have I since I was in college.  I’m going home to visit my family till Sunday and thought it would be wasteful to buy groceries but it’s causing some not quite as healthy meals.  I promise next week when I come back stocked with produce my food choices will be more typical meals for me.

I just learned that pistachio nuts can make people want to get it on.  So, this Valentines day if you want to get some, perhaps hand your hunny some nuts.  Also, according to The Today Show, men are attracted to the scent of buttered popcorn.  So forget the chocolate syrup ladies, drizzle some artificial butter flavored liquid in your bedroom naughty bits and get the party started.

I’m feeling a lot better today.  Yay immune system for kicking in.

M: Feel better!

Alright, now time for the food unveiling, it’s not pretty:

Snack 2.10


Coffee and a Granola Bar to get through class last night

Dinner 2.10


Whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce (can I count tomato sauce as a vegetable)

Breakfast 2.11


Low sugar maple & brown sugar oatmeal
Frozen pineapple