Scratch my last post, I am not grateful for today, nor am I going to be productive today.  I hit the gym, but all I could really muster was a slow incline walk. And I was all sweating and chills and that was before the walk even started.  Hardest walk ever.  I think the smart, mature thing to have done would have been to have stayed at home in bed-which I am resolving to do until I go to class tonight. I don’t have to be productive every minute of everyday, right?  So, until I leave for class I’m watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ while wrapped up in blankets and drinking tea.  It actually sounds kind of luxurious.

For your viewing pleasure, I’m passing on a mildly entertaining/kind of gross website Chicagoman emailed me this morning.  If you didn’t fantasize about carrots and celery before, you will after this website.

Back to napping.



Leftover rice and lentils and yogurt