Today I am grateful for  I’ve become obsessed with selling my stuff.  I’ve lived in the same apartment now for over four years now and that has lead to quite the accumulation of stuff.  Which includes hundreds of books (hence my New Years resolution to not buy any more books).  I also have no room left in my living room for more exercise DVDs.  I’m at spandex capacity.  So, yesterday I loaded up approximately 80 items to, so far I’ve sold 8!  Okay, 10% doesn’t make much of a dent, but it’s a good way to make a few dollars.   I’m selling most of it way too cheap, but I just want to get rid of stuff.  Yay the internet!

Besides, becoming a merchant of used goods I spent a lot of this weekend working on writing and research for “the book.”  I promise I won’t mention this everyday, it’s just sort of all consuming right now.  I feel like I got a lot done, I’m a total hermit, but a productive hermit.  I started to feel all sorts of overwhelmed by the idea that this is a huge process and not a done deal, I could totally not even sell this puppy, but I decided I can’t let the possibility of failure stop me.  Now’s time to do the work; I can worry about whether or not it was worth it later.

Today I’m having a friend over for lunch.  The lovely Sarah, from Pink of Perfection, who happens to live two blocks from me is coming over for some talking and drinking and food.  After lunch we’ll hit up a neighborhood cafe to work separately together on our individual blogs.  I’m excited-there’s only one kink in my plan.  I haven’t bought groceries in about two weeks (which you may have noticed by my lack of fresh produce lately).  Luckily I had some salmon in the freezer as well as some string beans.  Oh, magical icebox, how you’ve saved my a@@ once again.

Now for breakfast:



FiberOne Harvest Crunch Cereal
1% milk