Well hello there vitamin takes.  I’m so excited that I’m not the only one who gets a bit carried away in the vitamin aisle.  To all of you Omega-3 pill poppers, do you find that you have Salmon burp-back afterward?  Gross? Maybe.  But, I swear I tried to take them and all day my mouth would taste like I’d just eaten salmon.  I like salmon, but I’d much prefer a vitamin that made me feel like I just ate chocolate.

ML: You’re so right, and I plan on switching over to pill form calcium as soon as this box is through with.  I’m not sure what’s in the brand name, but I’ve been eating the target brand (which I think tastes better, who knew?) and it doesn’t have HFCS in it, it has regular corn syrup which isn’t exactly healthy but isn’t quite evil either.  That’s what I’m telling myself till I finish off this box which will take a couple more weeks.  Partially hydrogenated soy bean oil is another issue that I’m going to pretend doesn’t exist for the next couple of weeks.

Lara: It’s not a secret, although I guess I worry about literary leeches steeling my idea (which is silly because writing a book takes at least a year and if they want to put that much effort in, more power to them.)  The working title for it, which may change once I sell it is ‘After the Sandbox: Making and Maintaining Friendships in a Grown Up World’.  It’s basically a how-to/etiquette book for grown up friendships.

I woke up really late today, which was sort of the anti-goal of my February resolutions, so I think instead of hitting up the spin class I was planning on, I’ll start my day off at a cafe and hit the gym a bit later in the afternoon.  Tonight I’m having a ladies pizza night full of wine, pizza and my very favoritist banana pudding in the world.  I’ll try to sneak in pictures without looking too crazy.

Daily grateful: Today I’m grateful for blogs.  Not mine.  The wide world of blogs.  Here’s a little secret, if you have a blog, and link it on your comments-chances are I read it.  I’ve recently gotten into the world of financial blogs.  It’s great to learn how other people are thriving in the economic downturn, it’s very inspiring.  Oh, and food blogs-love ’em, read them all day.  And craft blogs, they make me salivate and wish I could be friends.  The blogosphere is so amazing because you get to learn so much about what people care about.

In the mean time I’ll finish my late-late breakfast and perhaps put on clothes and head over to my impromptu office/caffeine dealer to get some work done before the weekend distracts me.



My favorite breakfast ever: an egg sandwich!
Whole grain English muffin with lite cheddar, turkey bacon and an egg