In Michael Pollan’s book In Defense of Food he suggest you be the kind of person that takes vitamins, but don’t actually take them.  The studies are out there that show that people who take supplements are healthier and live longer than those that don’t.  But, it hasn’t actually been proven that supplements actually do anything.  So, what’s a girl to do.  To vitamin or not to vitamin?

I take vitamins.  It all started with a mutli-vitamin.   I figured: “Heck, I eat lots of vegetables and probably get oodles of vitamins anyway  but why not just take a multi-vitamin just to cover my bases.”  Then after a about 20+ years of nagging by my mother I added a calcium chew.  Then, last summer when I had two UTIs in a row and was considering giving up urination forever, ya’ll knowledgeable folk suggested I take cranberry and vitamin C to the mix, and I did.  I added Lutein to the mix because it protects your eyes and my family is a walking smorgasbord of eye problems.  And well, now I have a pill-popping  taking regimen that can rival half of Boca Raton.

Perhaps it’s the power of positive thinking or living a generally healthy lifestyle full of fruits, vegetables, regular exercise, but I haven’t really been sick since adding the vitamin C, no UTIs since the cranberry, and well all this good health is all  sorts of addictive.  Although I know that the body doesn’t recognize vitamins that come in the form of supplements the same way it does vitamins that come in our food I can’t help but think that there’s no way I can eat my daily suggested amount of each vitamin everyday no matter how healthy I am.  It’s quite possible all the money I’m spending on multi colored capsules are flushed out in their entirety with a tall glass of water.  Even if it is all an illusion (which I like to think it isn’t)  the illusion of doing something to prevent illness is enough to keep me happy and healthy and on a first name basis with the nice people at CVS.

So, sorry Michael Pollan.  I’m not the kind of person who takes vitamins; I take them anyway.  What are your thoughts on vitamins?  Do you take them? Do you hate them?  Do you trust your food choices to provide you with all the nutrients experts somewhere-or-another say we should have?