I haven’t left the house yet today, which is never a good sign.  I think I may take myself on a walk to Barnes and Noble and do some research on the book market; take stock of displays and books of similar topic.  My first assignment is to write my book jacket description.  I think I’ll do some browsing for inspiration then come home and get working on that assignment.  Luckily my dinner/drinks plans for this evening were cancelled, which means less overpriced cocktails and more window shopping.  I’m generally not a “cheap” person, but I’m starting to think that my government funded vacation may last a bit longer than I had anticipated and I want to start actually living within the budget I created for myself oh-so-many months ago.  Oh frugality, you are not my strong suit.

Well at least beans are cheap and I eat a lot of beans.  Case in point, tonight’s dinner.  I got a little creative with my plating technique because I’m sooooo bored.  I did however go a bit overboard on the amount of food I shoveled on to my plate (I was going for a look) and it was tad bit more than my body was willing to let me eat.  Yay, more leftovers!



Vegetarian Chili
Brown Rice