Daily Grateful: Today I’m grateful for Netflix.  Nuff said.

I’m having a working lunch and movie date with a friend.  I’m trying to maintain having a social life, while keeping my savings account intact.  What that means is bribing my friends to come over with the promise of stir fry and Netflix.  So, a good friend of mine is heading over with her laptop so we can work seperately together, eat a healthy lunch and figure out how to grow up to be Tina Fey.

I learned a lot going to that comedy show last night, talking to the stand-ups.  That’s a rough world, but it encouraged me to do take the initiative and keep writing.  The people who have a better chance in this industry of making it are the people that can write their own ticket-literally.  Perhaps when I need some down time from book writing I should start working on a screenplay.

So, lunch will be practical, healthy and entertaining.  I may however be meeting with a friend for drinks or dinner-we shall see.  Hopefully there will be a recession special somewhere.  I’m hoping I have some time to hit the gym today.  I got up a bit later than usual which put a kink in my plan to get my run in early.

Kat: I cut the dough with a knife because I didn’t want to handle the dough too much, sugar cookies get all funkafied if they’re too warm.  I think the sharp corners never totally blended.  I thought they looked a bit odd too.

Kristy: I’m glad you liked the yoga DVD as much as I did.  It’s definitely one of my new favorites.



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