Do you ever have those Mean Girl-esque moments when you’re struck by what a petty bitch you are?  Yeah, I had one of those moments when I was watching Dance Off the Inches: Country Line Dance.  The cause of my pettiness: a denim skirt.  Instructor Amy Blackburn is adorable and a good instructor, she just happens to be wearing the ugliest denim skirt I have ever seen (not the skirt pictured on the cover).  Once I slapped myself on the wrist for being one of those girls I moved on and actually did the DVD.

The thing that struck me most about this DVD is how everyone I know who I showed it to;  my friends, my mom, wanted to do it with me.  Who knew there were so many closet country line dancing enthusiasts?  When I finally did do the DVD however, I was alone in my apartment which is how I think all exercise DVDs should be performed; alone to squat and A-step with abandon.

Okay, enough of the logistics, how’s this DVD?  I think the Dance off the Inches series is a pretty good series.  All the DVDs in it are really basic, low impact and fun.  The country line dance  workout is no exception.  You’re not going to get all sweaty and be sore the next day.  You’ll get kind of damp and feel good that you did something other than sit on your couch.  I consider DVDs like this my rebound workouts; when I’ve had a lazy spell and want to get back to the gym but I’m a little nervous, I pop in one of these DVDs and they remind me that working out can be fun and that moving is not quite as hard as I remember it being. 

The workout consists of a step guide, where she teaches you all the fancy-shmancy line dancing steps individually so you know them going into the workout and three short dance routines.  It’s a really short DVD lasting all of 36-minutes including warm-up and cool down. The routines  remind me of something I would have performed in my fourth grade dance recital; lots of grapevines, ball-changes, sashaying. They’re easy to follow even for the most choreographically challenged among us.  I would definitely recommend this along with the rest of the Dance Off the Inches series to anyone new to exercise.

Will I ever do it again?  Probably not.  It wasn’t totally my cup of tea.  I thought the instructor was sweet and good at giving instruction.  A little hokey with her constant references to denim skirts, daisy dukes, low rise jeans and how to wrangle a cowboy, but honestly I wouldn’t have expected any different in this sort of DVD.  I think it’s a bit basic for my tastes.  Maybe even more basic than some of the other DVDs in this series.  Although I was a bit damp to the touch, I didn’t really feel like I’d gotten past a warm up sort of feeling in regard to my muscles.

As always, I say before buying a DVD check out the preview on Collage Video or Amazon (which now also shows previews), they’re also great venues to check out other peoples reviews of DVDs before you buy them.   And, if you’re a Netflixer, Dance Off the Inches: Country Line Dance is available for rent.