Today I am grateful to have so much support from the people in my life in regard to pursuing my dreams.  I’m well aware that most peoples family wouldn’t discourage them from law school in order to continue acting, or they would probably say “hey perhaps you should first find gainful employment, then start writing a book.”  I’m pretty lucky that no matter how harebrained my life choices are-I’ve always had unlimited support from the people in it.

I had my very first book writing class last night and the good news is that my book idea was well received.  The bad news is that writing a book is really hard.   I already knew that, but sometimes the idea of putting years of work into something is really scary.  Years.  Wait let me say that again.  Years of work.  I guess if it’s going to take a lot of time, then well,  I better get started now.  My class ends the last week of  March, and in it I’ll focus on outline, sample chapters, research, finding the voice, etc.   Once that’s over I’ll start on the book proposal and I’d like to have that ready to go out to agents by July.   It looks like I’ll be spending even more time in cafes.

Today, I need to hit the gym , clean my apartment (somehow being home all day has changed me from a tidy person to a teenage boy in regard to cleanliness), run some life errands and of course take my rightful place at a coffee shop.  I started my walk

Banana: Thanks for delurking!  And, thanks for pointing out the fact that I’m chronologically challenged; apparently I liked 2008 so much I want to relive it.  I have a post it on my computer now reminding me that like it or not, it’s 2009.

I made a snack last night before class, and that snack ended up being dinner.  I was too tired when I got home to make food. This morning I made up for it by making a big breakfast.

Dinner 2.3.09


Reduced fat cheddar

Breakfast 2.4.09


2 Eggs
2 Slices Turkey Bacon
2 Slices Whole Grain Bread
Coffee with lowfat milk and stevia