Thanks to a super-duper computer genius/comedian my website woes on Forkful of News have been alleviated.  Sidebar activated.  And, now I know what the coding problem was that caused the crankiness so I can fix it in the future.  As a thank you to said comedian/smarty-pants, I’m going to his stand-up tonight and bringing cookies.  Which means baking cookies.  Which means tasting cookies.  Mmm.  Cookies.  They’re baking now.  I’m allowing myself two.  You know to make sure there’s no inconsistencies in the dough.

The majority of the day has been spent getting all those little things done, running to the post office, grocery store, pharmacy.  It’s amazing how all those little things make me feel productive, even though I can spend all day on the computer doing things and never feel like I’ve gotten anything done.  Again, I think there’s something to this whole interacting with other people stuff.

So, I got my walk in, and I did an exercise DVD, which I will review shortly.  And then, I need to work on some book research.  I’m considering making an amendment to my new years resolution not to buy any books until I finish reading all the ones I already have.  Changing it so that it will allow me to buy reference books so that I can have resources with which to work with in writing my own book.  That’s fair, right?

Anyhoo, I made a pretty big lunch.  Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my head and I only got through about half a bowl of soup.  Apparently a girl can have too many lentils.  Who knew?



Salad w/lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, walnuts and lite vinaigrette
Lentil soup