Today I am grateful for: Coffee.  it doesn’t matter how crazy the world seems, how much work there is to do, or how late it is in the day, coffee always makes me feel better.

Onto today.  Busy day, lots to do.  How did I ever have a day job with a schedule like this.  I’m considering being independantly wealthy when I grow up.  Oh, who am I kidding I like having a job.  And, after I get back from my 12:30 spin class, job applying I will go.  Tonight is my first class in the book writing course I’m taking.  I like deadlines and figured taking a class would be the best way for me to actually make myself accountable to my goals. I’m also having all sorts of technical issues with my other blog Forkful of News, well not all sorts, but I’m sort of on a mission to figure out the case of the missing sidebar on my homepage (it shows up just fine on the individual posts, just not the homepage-so weird).  I’m decent with CSS and formatting and such but this problem is beyond me and I’ve reached out to a few programmers and they have no clue either so that’s driving me crazy and I’m going to work on that for the next few days.  If anyone of you fellow bloggers have any clue, please let me know-I’m having nightmares about code.

In the meantime, I forgot to post dinner last night.  I left pretty late from my parents house yesterday and got home even later and was way too sleepy to talk food.  So without further adeau:

Dinner 2.2


Zitti with sausage and homemade sauce (It’s not katchup I swear, it just doesn’t photograph well)

Breakfast 2.3


Whole grain english muffin with apricot preserves
Coffee with lowfat milk and stevia