Ah, February, the month of love and sub arctic temperatures is upon us. 

I love the beginnings of the month because I have a brand new start twelve times a year to focus on making little life improvements.  And that’s good because I’m one for two in my new years resolutions.  I haven’t bought any books (well not for myself at least), but I did indulge in soda last week while I was in Chicago.  Oh well, it’s never to late to give up  bubbly sugar water.

My January resolutions fared a bit better.  I have spent a decent amount of time working on my blogging skills.  Whether or not I’ve made the most of my unemployment is debatable but I think I’m doing fairly well. 

All that is over with now, it’s a brand new start, a brand new month and here are my resolutions for the wee-little month of February:

  1. Think of something everyday that I’m grateful for.  I was in a sort of “woe is me” funk for a few days last week. And, it didn’t sit well with me.  It felt kind of icky, so in an effort to prevent myself from going all ” does this self pity make me look fat?” again I’m going to make an effort everyday this month to remind myself that I have a pretty amazing life.
  2. Re-instilling structure.  I am one of those people that thrives on structure .  And, well, as much as my new found love sleep is new and exciting; it’s making me feel kind of lazy.  This month-I’m setting my alarm and starting my day at a workday like hour and creating a game plan for each day. 
  3. Walk.  It’s cold and besides my daily visits to the YMCA I’m a sloth.  I think I need to spend more time being out in the world (the world that isn’t my couch, the treadmill or a local coffee shop).  So, in February I’m going to go for walks around my beautiful Brooklyn neighborhood at least four days a week.

So, this month is less about diet and fitness and more about maintaining a healthy and happy mindset.  I’m really looking forward to February, regardless of what the groundhog says.  What are your goals for February?