The game last night was awesome!!!  Now that’s a football game.  Honestly, it’s almost more exciting when neither team is your team because you can just watch the game and appreciate it for its sheer awesomeness.  I was rooting for the Steelers, mainly because I like Mike Tomlin.  Youngest coach ever to make it to the Super Bowl, and I heard this really sweet story about how when he met his wife they were both really poor and on their first date they went to Walmart and fantasized about the things they would buy one day.  I thought that was sort of cute  and romantic and a really great date idea.  So, yeah, my team support wasn’t founded on anything substantial, but like I said neither team was my team.  Oh, and the ads?  Seriously disappointing.

If you haven’t heard yet Punxsutawney Phil saw  his shadow this morning.  Six more weeks of winter, ugh.  That glorafied gopher is not exactly ingratiating himself to me.

I’m still on Long Island, heading back to the real world tonight.  I think I need to lay low on the sodium for the next few days as I may have eaten my weights worth in Doritos last night.  Damn you Cool Ranchy goodness!  I brought an exercise DVD home with me, so at least I’ll get some exercise in and I may even get my mom to do it with me.

One of my February Resoultions was to take notice everyday of something I’m grateful for.  And in an effort to actually do it, I’m going to post my little nugget of life-love on The Kim Challenge everyday this month:

Today I’m grateful that I have such amazing readers.  I’m not just sucking up.  Your comments and emails always make me feel like what I do matters a little bit and for that I’m so grateful.  Thank you all for reading, you all make my days all the more meaningful.

Katie: I’m glad the resolutions don’t come off as crazy and actually motivate people.  I like the idea of having a clean slate on a regular basis.  It’s too hard to be perfect all the time 😉

Veronica: Thanks for the book suggestion.  I borrowed it from a friend yesterday!

On to the food:



 Honey Nut Cheerios with Skim milk
Coffee w/half & half