Call me crazy, call me a wild woman, but I’m at a different cafe today.  I know, I’m a risk taker, a wild woman, it’s a rough life but someone’s got to do it.  I’ve finished up some writing work I needed to do.  Tried to fix some technological problems that are way out of my realm of expertise and searched the somewhat dismal want ads.  If I start hibernating now, will someone wake me up when the recession is over.  I’m a cranky pants today.  I’m working on being my generally rainbow and unicorns self again.  Maybe tomorrow.

Paige: Thanks for finding me!  Yes, I refridgerate the yogurt over night.  I may be a wild woman but I don’t mess with dairy.  Okay, I’m not a wild woman, but I still don’t mess with dairy.

I’m heading out to the Island that is long and sticks out of New York tomorrow morning so this will be my last post till Monday.  Have a great weekend everyone!



Lentil Soup
Veggie Sandwich: Whole Grain Bread, hummus, carrot, cucumber, spinach