It’s Thursday and a busy Thursday at that.  I woke up this morning to talk finances with my broker-a girl’s got to plan for retirement!  I’m having lunch with another blogger today to discuss the ins and outs of professional bloggerdom, then this evening I’m heading to a young professionals group I’ve volunteered to be part of the planning committee for.  I’ll have time for an exercise DVD somewhere in the middle.

Speaking of exercises DVDs,

McKenzieStreet: I don’t want you to think I ignored you last time you asked about Jillian Michaels (although there are moments when I forget or don’t have time to respond to comments).  I wrote a little write up of my experience with Jillian’s DVDs under the Lower Body Dance review.  I need to start working on consistency on where I answer questions.  Yes, I have done some of her earlier DVDs, she seems sort of  like a giddy school girl, which isn’t what I expected.  Giddy or not, she’s one tough cookie and she will kickass every time.

I had mentioned a week or two ago that in an effort to be more economical in my yogurt ingesting I strain plain yogurt to make it a creamier consistency, rather than fork over the bigger bucks for Greek style yogurt.  Since that’s what I had for breakfast this morning I took a picture to show you my straining process:


Suspend a cone shaped coffee filter over a glass with a rubberband.  Fill with yogurt, allow the whey to drain to the bottom.
Voila-creamy yogurt.

Now onto the main attraction:



Lowfat plain yogurt with honey and strawberries
Whole wheat mini bagel with peanut butter
Coffee with low fat milk and stevia