I spent about six hours working at a cafe and drinking way, way too much coffee.  Then I came home starving and slightly strung out from the caffeine.  Ate.  Worked some more, and am still nowhere near where I wanted to be – by this time.  I had promised myself that I’d get up a non-food blog posting today, but I just couldn’t get there.  That will be my first priority for tomorrow. I promise to pick up the vacation induced slack.  I did finally finish creating a website for all my archived footage from Elastic Waist (RIP), updated Forkful of News, and paid all my bills and filled out a bunch of financial paperwork.  Tomorrow will be a busy day, so I’m going to hit the hay now, get up early to get a go on my responsibilities.  I must confess that an exercise DVD didn’t happen today-the gym will have to be tops on my list tomorrow.



Multi-grain tortilla chips and salsa



Trader Joe’s Rice and Bean burrito with a side of salsa
Salad with lite vinaigrette