I’m home!  My body hates me!  For many reasons, most of them revolving around being somewhat neglectful of my lowerback health in the last 24 hours.  Lugging around my laptop that weighs as much as an 8-year old,airplane seats, sleeping all of four hours, those four hours being on a futon.  I’m most likely going to ease back into my regular workout routine, today I’ll probably do an exercise video.

I’m relieved to be back to my normal eating routine.  Having a vacation from mindful eating is great, but it’s also refreshing to explore the wonders of fiber.

I’ve got an interview today, then I’ll grab some grocery staples like milk, yogurt, coffee and bananas.  What else could a girl need in life? Then I have all sorts of life stuff to catch up on; mostly revolving around writing. So a mid-afternoon visit to a coffee shop may be just what the doctor ordered.



Oatmeal with lite sour cream