🙁 Alack, all good things must come to an end and in a few hours I’ll be on a flight back to the good ole east coast. I was here long enough for it to not feel crazy and rushed and like a special occasion and to just feel nice and comfy and normal, sigh.  It was a good trip.   I would say that I look forward to getting back to my normal, and slightly healthier routine, but it looks like the rest of this week will be a bit crazy as I’ve got meetings and lunches and dinners with friends and going away parties.  So, my dietary choices will probably remain on a downswing till this weekend when things settle a bit.

Last night Chicagoman and I made a wonderful dinner.  He’s a big fan of Jamie Oliver, so we took a page out of his book and made some tomato roasted peppers with a side of fresh mozzarella.  We also made a mustard glazed salmon, but we were too full from the peppers and our aperitif cheese plate to get to it.  In fact, the way this trip went, I may never be hungry again.

Here’s most likely the last review before I get home and get back to my normal blogging schedule.

Dinner 1.26


Brie, Gouda, tomato and Wasa crackers


Romantic Dinner for Two


Tomato stuffed roasted peppers over toast
Fresh Mozzarella
Salmon and salsa

Lunch 1.27


Cream Soda


Skim Latte (ha, like it even matters at this point!)
Chocolate covered oreos