Ladies and gentlemen my ass is sore.   Yesterday was my first adventure in ice-skating and I loved it!  I mean I was all sorts of geriatric chic with my little walker like contraption, but even though there were four year olds with more grace and poise than I could muster I had oodles of fun.  I’m considering buying a pair of ice skates and perhaps taking a couple of lessons when I get back to NYC.  Of course that would require leaving my couch, so we shall see.

As it’s Monday, it’s a work day and I have oodles of work to do as does Chicagoman.  So, today will be spent working seperately-together in coffee shops.  Right now I’m making him my most favoritist spicy winter squash soup for lunch, and since this is the first time I’m exhibiting my culinary prowess, I hope it turns out well.  After that it’s back to the coal mines for us.

Rene: I’m so glad that your trip to Sundance went so well.  Congratulations on drumming up support and interest-it’s no small feet and you should be super proud of yourself.  And, yes, of course send me info for your blog, I want to read every detail!

The past few days have been fairly unhealthy and we have  a plan to make the next couple of days as gentle on our bodies as possible, we’ll even hit the gym tomorrow for a spin class.  My pants are feeling a bit too tight, so that’s a very welcome excursion.  In the meantime, here was my relatively healthy breakfast.




my oh so full to do list