I got up early this morning to hit the gym as I’ve got a pretty jam-packed schedule today.  I knew an early workout would be the only workout I could get.  I have to run some errands early today, then…I was supposed to meet up with my mother and aunt to go watch the Rachael Ray show (I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge Rachael Ray fan, but my mother adores her), but instead the Department of Labor has decided that they need me to come and sit around their offices for hours on end.  So, I’ve got that.  Afterward, I’ll meet up with the female half of my family for dinner and head out to Long Island with my mother, where I will fly out to Chicago tomorrow afternoon.  So, my posting will probably be a little weird between now and Thursday afternoon when I land.  I’m going to bring my laptop and try to keep up with my writing but who knows what reality brings.

Aline: I know you live in Chicago, if you see me wandering the streets aimlessly say Hi!

Lara: I’m really enjoying Food in History, which actually sort of surprised me because it seemed like it would be kind of dry.  I mean it’s not a novel, but it’s a really interesting historical account of how the search for food and how that search and longing for more and more intricate ways of preparing really allowed us to evolve and made and destroyed certain civilizations.  In fact, it seems that an obsession with food had historical importance not just our generation.

Here’s the food thus far:



Oatmeal prepared with almond milk, cinnamon and mango
Coffee with half & half