Well, yes I’m posting a bit late, but I had a surprisingly amazing day.  There I was in a cafe drinking coffee and working on some writing when I get an instant message from my friend bewildered with what to do with herself on this snowy day off.  I said “Come into the city and play with me.”  Two minutes later she logged off and left her home to catch a train to New York.  I finished up some writing met up with her.  Our first stop was an old fashioned soda fountain, where I had just about the most non detox lunch you could have; a chocolate malted (I mean seriously how can you not have a chocolate malted at an old fashioned soda shop?) and whole wheat banana pancakes.  After that we headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is just about my most favoritist place on earth.  I could spend my entire life there and never get bored.  It was such a beautiful snowy day, the kind of big pretty snowflakes that just make the world seem clean and beautiful as opposed to slipper and freezing, and all the big windows in the museum pointed out to a snow covered Central Park.  It was all really kind of romantic.  We hit up their new Greek and Roman wing.  Every time I see those sculptures they just take my breath away.  They’re so beautiful, and you know what, not one of them was skinny!  Then, to add to the romance of the day we visited their Love in Romantic Italy exhibit, which was great and there were dirty pictures.  Seriously, they had pornography even back then.  Some of it was kind of hot.  Who knew?  After the museum we walked through Central Park a bit looking for a horse drawn carriage to add to the romance of the day.  Unfortunately, they were inside as it was really snowy and inhumane to make them work on an evening such as this.  So, slightly unfulfilled we parted ways; she to Long Island, me to my gym for a run and some strength training.  It was a totally perfect and beautiful day.  I offered to make out with her (I mean the day would have made a perfect date) she said no, but we did hold hands.

As for eating, honestly as amazing as the chocolate malted was, and trust me it was amazing, I think it wrecked havoc on my stomach.  That’s a lot of sugar and dairy for a girl who hasn’t had either in a week.  So my stomach wasn’t feeling so great during and after my run.  I opted out of dinner, because honestly I’m not so hungry and I don’t want to force anything on an upset stomach.  No worries, I’ll make up for it tomorrow.

Lunch 1.19


Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes
Chocolate Malted (so gooooood!)