I woke up resolved to hit a 12:30 spin class.  I figured the inauguration would be replayed and replayed and replayed all night and I could catch it at any other moment during the day-then I turned on the TV and realized I was crazy, this is history and I’m a total whack job if I’d rather be on a stationary bike than watching it unfold.  The scrolling band across the bottom of my television tells me that Obama will be president at 11:56 am.  Which means I could book it to the gym and spin my behind off, but methinks Obama will probably make a speech, so I’ll keep that plan tentative.  I may do a DVD at home once the talking heads take over and start saying the same thing over and over again, and perhaps a run in the afternoon.

I have some drafts go get done for potential freelance work, which means although I’m totally patriotic, I will also be working while I Obama takes office.

In the meantime, I think today I will aim to be a bit more gentle on my stomach than I was yesterday.



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