One of my favorite quotes is by Mark Twain:

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

Such a witty man that Twain and since we’re talking clothes let’s talk spandex for a minute shall we?

Long gone are the days of biker shorts with thong leotards.  At least lets hope so, if you know someone still rocking the Jane Fonda uniform you may want to consider an intervention.  Todays workout gear is all sorts of high tech, it’s got wicking action to keep you from bathing in your own sweat, it can effect your race time if you’re a competitor, it’s kind of cute (well some of it), and skirts aren’t just for tennis anymore!  What will they think of next.

To be honest, up until very recently I stuck to loose t-shirts and leggings at the gym.  That was sort of my own special way of saying “I am here to workout, and perhaps catch some bad reality TV while I’m at it. But,  I am not here to be noticed or to make friends so please leave me alone.”  Then, I got me some spandex, and all that changed.  Not only did I feel smokin’ hot at the gym, but I could actually see when I was doing something wrong, while when I was hiding behind an old college t-shirt, all I could do was assume I had correct form.

Not only did it correct my form because I was more aware of my body, but I’ve made some pretty big strides in my abs.  Why?  Because I’ve been holding them in.  Look, if spandex is good for anything it’s good for making you suck your gut in, and for 95% of exercises the correct form consists of contracting your stomach muscles.  A little fact that I more than anyone likes to ignore.  I mean seriously aren’t I working hard enough, you want me to contract my stomach muscles too!

I also work a lot harder at the gym when I’m dressed for the gym.  You know those days that you get up and you wearing a matching bra and panties and dress in your best and do your hair in makeup and you feel like a million dollars?  That’s sort of the same feeling of going to the gym wearing good workout gear.  I feel like I really belong there, like I’m someone who works out.  But since I feel like that, I don’t want to just stand there going through the motions, I want to earn my hotness. Also, I’m still there just to workout and catch up on bad reality TV, so the harder I workout the stronger I feel that message comes across.  I mean who wants to hit on a girl who looks like she could totally kick your ass?

So, if you’re a bit self conscious or nervous about ditching the t-shirt, this is my little pep talk to consider giving some of that fancy shmancy exercise gear a shot.  Perhaps start slow and work your way up (which is what I did, It took me like 5 years to move past baggy pants and on to leggings).  Plus I can’t tell you how much better I feel at the end of workout not feeling like I’m wearing a sponge-that wicking stuff, whatever it is, is awesome!

My favorite brand to clad my sweating body in these days is Lululemon, which can be a bit pricey.  If you’re on a budget (like I should be) there’s some decent gear you can get from Champion online or at Target.  Of course, I’m new to the spandex wearing tribe so my knowledge is limited.  If you have favorite brands and styles please chime in.  Your suggestions, as always, are appreciated.