I pretended to be all sorts of financially savvy today.  Converting my old 503b into an IRA and rolling over some other IRAs I had to a new bank and combining.  Look at me being all fiscally responsible.  Now if only I knew what I was doing.  While all that is being done by the bank I need to look into investment options (uhh, who am I?)  Once I was done playing banker I hit the gym for a spin class and some ab work. Then I signed up for a nonfiction book writing class.  Have I mentioned I’m working on a book.  I’m working on a book.  It’s intimidating and I have no idea what I’m doing-but hey, you only live once right?  So actually, today has been pretty productive.

On the food front, I feel like you know what’s coming.  More of the same.  But I’m feeling really good.  I went a bit heavy on lunch as I’ll be meeting up with a friend tonight and may not get to eat dinner till really late.  I like to stockpile calories.  I’m a calorie camel.



Echinacea Tea
(seriously every time I blow my nose I brew a pot-I WILL NOT GET SICK!)



Roasted Veggies and Red Beans with Brown Rice
(I’m working on my photography skills)