Kimberly wants you to “Feel the burn, love the burn.”  Not me Kimberly, Kimberly Miguel Mullen, the instructor of Acacia’s Dance and Be Fit: Lower Body Burn.  I know she wants you to feel and love the burn because she said it many, many times.

When I first turned this DVD on I almost turned it off immediately because it had possibly the worst warm up sequence I’ve ever seen.  The problem with it, which if you’ve been reading my exercise DVD reviews for a while you’ll know irks me to no end, was that the cueing was off because the instruction was done in voice-over and not actually spoken.  I have no idea why Acacia does this in all their DVDs but at this point I’ve come to know and expect it and resent them just a little bit for it.  Anyhoo, the DVD is actually good, but the warm up is weird and fast and all of a sudden you’re in downward dog but you don’t know how you’re supposed to get there because she never told you it was coming, oh wait, now you’re in a standing split, what the crazy. The warm up just seemed a bit too intense for this DVD, as it’s a pretty basic aerobics video.

I’ve actually reviewed Ms. Miguel-Mullen before on Elastic Waist, when I reviewed her other Dance and be Fit DVD-Brazillian Body.   I actually liked this DVD better than Brazillian Body.  While Brazilian Body seemed like the kind of DVD you have to do 9000 times before you finally get the choreography down, Lower Body Burn has basic movements that you can master the first time through.

I actually really enjoyed Dance and Be Fit: Lower Body Burn.  It is definitely a DVD I would recommend for those aerobically disinclined.  The movements are basic and repetitive, which is great for those that aren’t so great with complicated choreography.  It’s the kind of DVD that will make you sweat but won’t make you exhausted or hungry.  A nice easy workout for beginners or for a day when you want to do something, but not too much of something.  It also happens to be a great DVD for tight spaces, so if you live in a tiny city apartment like me, or a dorm room, or just don’t have a lot of space, this is the kind of DVD you can do with very little breathing room.  Oh, and there are no shoes involved which I consider a great boon to any workout.

The DVD in it’s entirety runs about 50-minutes; 5-warm up, 20-Heavenly Hips, 20-Lovely Legs; 5-cool down.  I would definitely suggest forgoing the warm up and just stretching on your own for a few minutes before hand.  The first dance segment “Heavenly Hips” is the easier of the two, so if you’ve never worked out before I’d start with this one and work up to section two.  The “Lovely Legs” segment has a lot of kicks in it, so you need enough room to extend your legs to your front and side.

This is definitely the kind of DVD I do on the days following an intense workout, when I want to do something physical, but not kill myself either.  Go into this DVD knowing that the cueing is awful, most of the time she’s late and sometimes she just skips instruction altogether.  Luckily this is a pretty basic workout, so too much instruction isn’t totally necessary.  The title “Lower Body Burn” may be misleading to those of you who consider lower body work to  have lots of lunges and squats.  Most of the lunges in this workout are for stretching purposes, not resistance training.  This is first and foremost a beginner-intermediate level aerobics workout, I wouldn’t rely on it for my lower body sculpting work, but it does a good job of getting my heart rate to about 65% of my maximum heart rate which translates to not an extreme calorie burner, but definitely in my fat buring zone.

So if you want to “feel the burn, love the burn” well, I don’t know what that says about you, but Dance and Be Fit: Lower Body Burn, is a good basic exercise DVD for those just starting to workout or for those days when you’re too tired for a huffing-puffing-sweat-drenching workout.