Finally a day where I feel like I’m being as productive as I’d like.  It may have something to do with the fact that I left the house.  Crazy how the outside world is alive and well and only steps away from my front door.  I got in my workout, ran some errands and I’m off to audition in a bit.  Must remember what it’s like to be funny.  I hear it’s like riding a bike.  Of course I don’t know how to ride a bike (true story), unless of course it’s stationary and only has one wheel.

I tried to make maki rolls for lunch with brown rice avocado and cucumber, but it didn’t work out so well, so I resorted to rice and beans.  I still have more seaweed, so this will not be last attempt.  Just a really bad first attempt.

Cobblestone: I wish I could say there’s a method to my milk drinking madness, but I generally just grab something while I’m at the market and go with the flow.  This week I’m avoiding dairy hence the almond milk.  I decided on almond milk because a friend mentioned she likes it. I also grabbed some oat milk, so I’ll give that a go next.  I tend to buy soy milk because I like it in my smoothies because it’s a little thicker than real milk.  I also really like kefir in smoothies but it’s a bit expensive.  But, because I was raised drinking it, cows milk will always be a standard for me.



Brown Rice & Beans with some left over avocado
Strawberries & blackberries
Echinacea Iced Tea