I think I bought too much food.  Sometimes I forget I’m only one person and can only eat so much food before it goes bad. That being said, instead of doing something productive like applying for jobs or working on either of my blogs or working on the book proposal I’m supposedly getting a go on, I roasted vegetables.  Lots of vegetables.  More vegetables than I’ll most likely be able to eat.  But they look really pretty.


Now that lunch is over I’m leaving the house for a while, I can’t seem to be a functional adult when the Food Network is only a click away.  I’ll probably forgo the gym today and stick to doing one of the bajillion exercise DVDs I’m set to review.  That of course would mean coming home at some point, which also means there’s a chance the Food Network will win again.  Damn you Bobby Flay!

Brown rice with roasted vegetables and steamed spinach
Lentil soup