Thank you all for your feedback about blog format.  It was a pretty narrow margin (meaning one vote) but it seems that the post as I go format seems to be most popular, and majority wins, so things are pretty much staying the same.    I do love your feedback and appreciate your feedback, so feel free to chime in with adjustments you think I should make.

McKenzie Street: That’s really sweet of you, thank you so much, and good luck.  I love blackberries they always feel like a luxury to me.

Camille: How’d your first avocado experience turn out?

I started out the day really straining myself…foot-soakokay, not really.

This whole hanging out at home thing ain’t so bad really.  For the most part it’ll be a fairly standard day, OD on vitamin C, hit the gym, wander around brooklyn, work on some writing projects and clean my apartment.


breakfast-113Smoothie with banana, strawberries, mango and almond milk
Echinacea tea