Well, it’s the end of detox day one and I have to say it’s not so bad, except I found myself doddling a bit too long in the coffee aisle at the grocery store today.  I feel about coffee the way some people think about mashed potatoes or fried chicken, or whatever your happy food is.  Coffee is my comfort food.  It’s probably a good thing for me to give up caffeine for a week, but I must say that my love for coffee is pure and I don’t think anything will keep us apart.

Amanda: Five dollars for yogurt! That’s crazy; it must come from magical cows.  A tip I use for lightening my yogurt budget is to strain regular plain yogurt at home instead of buying Greek style yogurt.  I love how thick and creamy Greek yogurt is, but it really is ridiculously expensive.  Instead, I suspend a cone shaped coffee filter over a tall glass with a strong rubber band (like the kind that come around bushels of broccoli) fill it with regular ole plain yogurt and cover with a paper towel.  I let it sit over night and when I wake up in the morning all the excess moisture has drained from the yogurt and I have thick, creamy, yogurty goodness for the fraction of the price.

Kristina: It’s only been a day and I can already taste that foods taste different.  I think the difference is taste, not salt.  I’m such a salt junkie, but I refrained from adding it to the soup I made tonight and it was amazing how I could actually taste all the vegetables and their own unique sweetness.

AmDog: I’ll make the lentils next week and post the recipe.  Promise.

Dae: If I could cocoon myself in vitamin C for the next 10 days I would, ugh.

Lara: That’s a great idea I’ll give it a shot.  Do you boil water with ginger and lemon to make a tea or do you buy a tea that is ginger and lemon flavored?

Mbbored: I say you can make your detox whatever you want it to be.  I’m pretty sure the Body + Soul detox I heard about from Sarah is a bit more structured and specific than the detox I sort of interpreted from it.  My main theory is, if you hate it you won’t stick to it, and if you won’t stick to it then it’s pretty much useless.  And, that real foods are good and processed foods are inevitable but it’s good to give our bodies a break once and a while.  Cream of wheat it is.

bhline: I stocked up on spinach and red beans just to be safe.  Thanks for the challenge.

To all of you that commented in-Thanks so much for your feedback.  I’ll sort through it all tomorrow and come up with some sort of standard posting procedure.  I know that whatever I end up choosing it will be inconvenient for some-sorry.  It really is great hearing all your opinions and I can’t thank you all enough for sharing them.

I went into the wonderland of Manhattan to visit some of my old work colleagues today, then visited my gym and took my rightful place on a spin bike.   After that, home to make a big ole pot of lentil soup, that I’ll probably eat the rest of the week, and freeze some for later.

Detox  Snacks

snack1-112Strawberries and blackberries


dinner-112Lentil soup