So far I’m feeling pretty good, decent level of energy, no tummy aches.  I’m a farting machine, but luckily I spend the majority of my time at home so no one, but me, is subjected to my body’s special little way of saying “hello.”  I’ve had a killer caffeine headache all day (it always hits the second day) but other than that my detox is going pretty well.  Of course my social life hasn’t really challenged it these last few days.  Tomorrow and Thursday may be another story.  I can do anything for a week, even pass on yummy cheeses and wine.  I’ll keep telling myself that.

Hannah: I’m planning on a DVD review for Thursday or Friday, and my goal is to do one per week (of course that was my goal at Elastic Waist too, but sometimes life got in the way).  As for calcium, dairy products don’t necessarily have the monopoly on calcium.  In fact beans and green leafies are high in calcium.  I also utilize calcium fortified milk substitutes.  I wrote a column on Elastic Waist once about alternative places to find calcium, I hope it helps-

Tonight, I need to buckle down and get some writing done.  I feel like I’m always writing, yet not actually getting anything done.   Once I feel like I’ve been productive I’ll settle in and catch up on my blog reading.  I admit it, I’m a lurker on most other blogs.  Now that I have more time, I’m considering it part of my professional development to keep my finger to the blog-pulse.

Here’s my detoxorific dinner:

Snacksnack-113Banana & Tea

Red Beans and Brown Rice