I few days ago I went out to lunch with the lovely Sarah of Pink of Perfection.  Sarah is the queen of all things pretty, thrifty and domestic chic, and if you aren’t obsessed with her yet; you probably should be.  Sarah mentioned to me that she was trying a detox she learned from Body+Soul magazine that consisted mainly of oatmeal, brown rice, vegetables and legumes.  She’s feeling all clean and recharged and honestly I’m feeling a bit jealous as I’ve been feeling a bit mucked up since the holidays passed.

I don’t plan on running out to the newsstand to pick up the latest issue of anything-I’ve got a budget to think of, but I do think I will make this week an adventure in detoxing my body from all the abuse I’ve subjected to over the last few weeks.  I refuse to diet though, healthy is one thing, dieting is another and as far as I’m concerned my dieting days are over.  This will not be about losing weight; instead it will be about feeling clean and centered in my body. (But heck, I’ll weigh myself before and after.  You know just for sh-ts and giggles.)

So here’s the game plan from my non diet detox:

  • Nix the Caffeine.  I’ve been drinking coffee every morning since I was seven.  I used to go to day camp with a styrofoam cup of joe that I’d drink pre-kickball. Herbal teas it is this week.  Let’s hope there are no night sweats, vomiting spells and violent outbursts.  I’ve seen that ‘Interventions’ show, this ain’t going to be pretty.
  • Water.  Lots of it.
  • Vegan for a week.  The goal is to stick to whole grains, legumes and vegetables (similar to Sarah’s detox), except I want fruit.  I like fruit–can’t live without it and you can’t make me.  I border on anemic however, so first sign that things ain’t right, I’m eating a steak.
  • Go low sodium. I love salt, this is going to be hard, but my kidneys and blood pressure will probably thank me for a week off.
  • Cut out the processed sugars, chemically created/enhanced foods, alcohol and refined carbohydrates.
  • I’m going to track my calorie/protein/carboyhydrate ratios on Daily Plate, to make sure I’m eating enough of the essentials.  Better safe than sorry.

Basically this week will be a return to clean eating, natural eating and getting back to “ground zero” in regard to my body.  Heck, I may even take a yoga class!  Of course, there will be pictures so that you can follow along in my adventure, and if you want to detox along with me I’d love the company and your feedback.  As always, please be safe and if you feel at all uncomfortable nix the detox.  And, if you have any pre-existing health conditions always consult your doctor before changing your eating or exercise habits.

Let the detox begin.  Oh, and on a side note, I googled images of a “cleanse” just to see what came up graphically and there are a whole lot of people out there who take pictures of their poop.  I promise you, no poop.  I mean at this point many of you know an awful lot about me, but there’s got to be a line somewhere.