This morning my b-fri called me to say that she was getting sick and to take precautionary measures since we bonded this weekend.  Of course I was like “no, worries, I’m healthy as an ox.”  Because in general I am, but I must say I’m starting to feel the tell tale signs of a cold.  Which is terrible.  I mean not life altering, but I’m going away next week and I plan on doing a significant amount of making out, and if making out cannot happen I will be sad, which is why I downed oodles of vitamin C and drank Echinacea tea with lunch.  I very rarely get sick and usually sick for me lasts all of 24-48 hours, which I’m hoping is the case because I’ve been doing my tongue exercises and everything.

Also, can we discuss how expensive produce is.  I hit up my local grocery store for some detox friendly foods (fruit, veggies, brown rice, almond and oat milks) and how much did it come to?  $70.00.  Which seems maybe like a normal grocery budget (maybe, I have no idea what a normal grocery budget looks like), but it really wasn’t even that much food!  Ugh.  Society is plotting against me and my budunkadunk.

Here’s lunch:

Detox Lunch

lunch-112Echinacea Tea
Left over vegetable stew and quinoa