Thank you all so much for your feedback!  Keep it coming.  Responses are pretty equal as it goes right now, so I’ll probably wait a day or two before deciding what next steps to take in regard to formatting, in the mean time it’s blogging as usual.

It’s my first day detoxing my body.  I don’t really believe in doing anything extreme.  Fasts scare me, and anything you have to drink to clean you out is just all sorts of invasive, so I figured I’d do just about the most mild detox I could think of, cutting out the things that slow down my body.  I was thinking about how I was feeling at Spring time last year, and I probably weighed a couple of pounds more than I do now, but I felt really clean, like my body was working at an optimal level. When I feel that good I don’t want to eat junk food, it’s not hard hitting the gym, I want nothing more than to keep that feeling.  So, my goal is to get back to that point.  It’ll probably take more than a week to feel like that again as it took me months to get to that point, but this is my first step on getting back to that place.

With that said I can’t get to the gym till tonight.  Right now I’m off to the post office to send the rest of the requirements for my grad school application, grorcery shopping, then heading over to my old office to meet up with some old coworkers.  A spin class tonight and a yoga DVD may be just what the doctor ordered.

Detox Breakfast

1/2 Grapefruit
Decaf Green Tea