Okay, well the day is full steam ahead. I finished up my Balti post for Forkful, handled some life organization and made lunch.  Well lunch, let’s get to that.  What I really wanted to do was hit up my local Chinese restaurant for some of those uber yummy lunch specials, but in an effort to be both cost efficient and more healthy in my choices I made lunch instead.  I was all set to make a hummus and avocado sandwich, except once the bread was in the toaster and the avocado sliced I realized that my hummus had seen better days.  It would take way too long to soak and cook some new chickpeas up to make a fresh batch, so I had to be creative in the lunch department.  The only think I really had laying around were eggs and from that a somewhat squishy lunch was created.

2 Slices whole grain bread
1 avocado
2 eggs

Now that lunch is over and done with (and I must say not all that satiating) I’ll do a bit more work, then probably do some exercise videos (instead of the gym) and be on my way for the weekend.