I woke up on the late side, that’s definitely a boon to my new free schedule.  I was planning on hitting the gym and taking a field trip to the museum today.  Unfortunately I didn’t get enough done yesterday to feel okay about that, so I’ll probably hit the gym then spend the rest of the day working.  I have a post on Balti cooking that I’ve been slacking on writing for Forkful of News for way too long.  I must say that lately I’ve been so busy handling the behind the blog stuff that I haven’t been updating as much as I’d like. Learning curve

So, Today is pretty much more of the same, exercise, writing.  Then I’m heading out to Long Island, where I’ll be till Sunday afternoon.  Last year for the holidays I received a gift certificate for a salon, unfortunately I’m bad about cutting my hair.  The thing about having long hair is that it just gets longer, no big deal.  So, I’m going to make an effort to actually keep my hair cut and shaped regularly.  Now that I’m back on the audition cercuit I’ve got to keep up on these things a littl more.  So, hopefully my gift certificate han’t expired, because I’ve got an appointment to cut my hair on Saturday, then lunch with the girls.

Lara: Thanks!  I’ll pass the compliment on to my mom who picked them out.

Jenny: I love that quote! Thanks.

Mbbored: I hear you on the eating alone thing.  I sort of sit there looking at the side of my TV, it’s probably a very sad and strange picture.

Kat: I’m still learning the joys of daytime television.  Something tells me Hayden Penetierre and Solange Knowles cheering will become a more regular part of my life.

Aline: I know!  Seriously, if only I’d known that having a day job was interfering with all the work I could have been doing this whole time, Iwould never have been a responsible adult.

Never teh Bride: Quinoa in soup, that’s brilliant!  I can see totally subbing that in where I might have once used barley.  Thanks for the idea.

Here’s the breakfast for today:


breakfast-19Smoothie w/frozen mango, strawberries and soy milk