Hmm, you know your day is going down hill when it starts by watching “Bring it On: All or Nothing.”  And to think I used to use my brain on a regular basis.  I’m hoping that things get slightly more productive as the day goes on.  In fact, I’m off to the gym in a few minutes, and when I’m done, I think I’ll hit up a cafe to get some work done in a “safe space” meaning a space where my cable box isn’t my only companion.  I may be the only person I know seeing unemployment as a full time job.  But, now is the perfect time to get to work on all the things that I’ve been too exhausted to work on for the last two years.  I’ve been known to procrastinate, but two years is a bit much to put anything off 🙂 .

Camille: I think Blanc de Chambly is sort of the Crystal lite of beer.  It’s lite and sweet and goes down easy and since my New Years resolution was to give up soda, beer is pretty much my closest alternative.

Lara: Who knows, perhaps my logging every meal will be my claim to fame.  Could you imagine if we could all see what celebrities ate on a daily basis?  I doubt it would be all that encouraging.

You all may have noticed the location of my pictures has changed a bit.  Which is because I started realizing that I was becoming a bit slovenly and that real people eat meals at tables.  Since my dining table is collapsible and most often it’s most demure stature, I unfolded it and set it and put out salt and pepper cellars and am learning to eat like a civilized adult, at a table.  We’ll see how long this lasts.


breakfast-18Whole wheat mini bagel with peanut butter
Coffee w/milk and stevia