Last night I may have been in front of the auditioning circuit, but today I’m spending the day behind the desk.  I’m helping some friends out with the casting sessions for a feature film they’re producing.  I get to play the female love interest, not in real life though, the female lead needs to be Asian.  Hey, Russia is close to Asia, do we think I can spin this?  It’s actually nice to feel like I’m doing something in an industry I love, instead of sitting in a cube mulling over statistics.

They’ve set me up with a computer at their studio so luckily I  can do some work between auditioners.

Since I woke up late, I’ll have to venture to the gym tonight, which means elbowing my way through the January rush.  Never before have I seen lines at my gym (which is usually sparsely populated), perhaps a  late-late night run is in order.

Below is a picture of my very rushed breakfast, as I woke up a half hour before I needed to be here:

breakfast-17Fiber One Harvest Clusters Cereal
1% Milk

Kat: I’m with you ,Biggest Loser made me feel kind of dirty last night.  I do think they expoit these people, I mean why do they need to take their shirts off to weigh in?