Because it seems that I am incapable of leaving my home, I am currently waiting for my turn at an open call.  You see there’s this great theatre, that I’ve worked at before, that just happens to be across the street from my apartment.  I went, signed in to audition, got a time frame and went right back home to blog about dinner.  Dinner, I had a friend over for an early supper, as I thought I would have an audition a tad bit earlier in the evening.  I made a vegetable stew with chickpeas, tomatoes and eggplant (seasoned with turmeric, oregano, crushed red pepper and cumin) and served it with quinoa.  Turned out fairly well I must say so myself, and very little fat.

Nothing like being efficient with your time when all you have is time.  I’ll be heading over there around 9:30 for what will most likely be a 10pm audition.   Just enough time to catch the first half of The Biggest Loser, a show I have a train-wreck sort of attraction to.

On to the food though…


dinner-16Veggie Stew and Quinoa
Lemonade Crystal Lite (hmm, well, it’s not soda)