Yesterday was not one of my bright and shiny moments.  I was crankorific.  But it’s a new day!  It’s a Tuesday!  Tuesdays are great because they start with a T and are not yesterday.  So, that being said, new day, new start and I’m slipping out of my cranky pants.  Look ma, no pants! I also plan to be slightly more productive than yesterday that consisted mostly of wallowing in self pity, and watching “The Wedding Date.”  Yeah, it was an off day.

Today, I am writing, writing, writing, applying for some jobs, going to the gym, having a friend over for a quick dinner and hitting up an audition.  Woohoo, not a bad day if I do say so myself.  Also, I measured my waist and it’s almost back to my pre-holiday size.  My weight is still a little up, but methinks that has more to do with Aunt Flo coming, than my eating habits.  So, I’m feeling good about my body, which, when you sit at home all day is a nice little victory to be had.

I may even venture over to Victoria’s Secret sometime today to checkout their new collection of sports bras.  I know, crazy stuff, don’t go too wild Kim!


breakfast-16Fiber One Harvest Cluster Cereal