I headed out to the place of my upbringing, Long Island to celebrate the birth of one of my closest friends in life.  He also happens to be marrying one of my best friends, which makes me just about the happiest third-wheel there has ever been.

I must say I’m extremely well fed.  There’s something about being unemployed that makes people want to feed you.  Who says there are no free meals.  As soon as I got off the train on Saturday my friend whisked me away for lunch, and the eating continued from there.  Here’s the weekend eating review…

Saturday 1.3.09

Breakfast (aka-before I left Brooklyn)

breakfast-13Fiber One Harvest Cluster Cereal w/soy milk
Iced Coffee with soy milk

Lunch (this is where it starts going downhill)

lunch-13Lite beer (could have been worse)

lunch-132Quesadilla Appetizer

lunch-133Cheeseburger & Fries
Honestly this made me feel really sick and I ended up throwing it up later in the day.  Yuck!


dinner-13My mom made a great dinner of mac & cheese and pork loin, but I was feeling really sick to my stomach, so I just took enough to make her not hate me.



breakfast-14Omelet with cheese (decent start to the day)

Lunch consisted of animal crackers and coffee, not my finest hour


Time to celebrate Eddie’s existence-chain restaurant style!
dinner-14Some chicken, balsamic, pasta concoction that seemed relatively healthy in comparison to the rest of the menu (I didn’t eat the whole thing)

dessert-14Brownie Sundae
This was shared, and honestly I only had a couple of bites.  I tend to not be a big fan of lots of syrups and ooey-gooey stuff on my desserts, and this bad boy was positively swimming in hot fudge.   I like things a bit simpler.